Woman shares two-hour rule for men she dates after being ‘ghosted so many times’

Woman shares two-hour rule for men she dates after being ‘ghosted so many times’

It’s happened to the best of us: someone you’ve been chatting to suddenly goes quiet – yep, you’ve been ghosted.

For those unfamiliar with the term, ghosting is when someone ends all contact without explanation.

One woman who’d had enough of being ghosted and last minute cancellations introduced the ‘two-hour’ rule for her potential dates.

Kristen Beatty, or @kristenbeatty24, shared the rule on TikTok, where she says she refuses to get ready for her dates if she’s had no contact from them within two hours of their meeting time.

In the video, she explains: “This is new for me, it’s about 7.00pm and I have a date at 9.00pm – clearly, I am not in date form, no hair, makeup, I’m in my pyjamas.

“Usually, I would start getting ready or at least thinking about getting ready, but one too many times, I’ve either been ghosted or cancelled on at the very last minute after getting ready and it’s the most annoying thing.

“So I’m trying this thing where I do not get ready until I hear from him because I feel like I should be hearing from a guy that I’m supposed to be seeing within the two hours that I’m supposed to see him.

“So, this is what I’ll be looking like while we wait.”

Kristen then proceeds to prepare her dinner at 7:15pm, then eats it 15 minutes later, still having not heard from her date.

At 8:00pm, she filmed herself eating ice-cream as she revealed: “He cancelled.”

Since being posted, the video has racked up almost 140,000 likes and 1,600 comments from viewers who praised her smart thinking and applauded her for standing up for herself.

One person said: “I’m so old. A date at 9pm? I’m in bed already at that point.”

Another commented: “Idk why I got so mad when you said he cancelled. Like we were expecting it and I was still mad.”

A third added: “If we aren’t in regular conversation from the point of setting the date up to the day of the date, there is no date.”

“If he’s not excited I don’t want it,” commented a fourth.

While someone else put: “I think that’s smart you wait to get ready, if the guy isn’t going to prioritise you, why should you prioritise him? The audacity.”