Russell Wilson: Tyler Lockett is “just magical”

Russell Wilson: Tyler Lockett is “just magical”

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and receiver Tyler Lockett have taken their connection to a new level through two games in 2021. They’ll need more of the same to beat a Vikings defense that is susceptible to the kind of big plays Wilson and Lockett can generate.

“Tyler, he’s just magical out there to be honest with you,” Wilson told reporters on Thursday. “He just understands the game. Any great receiver, they see the game in the eyes of the quarterback. I think that’s really what he does extremely well. Obviously, he catches everything you throw him. That’s a key component. He knows how to get open. I think it’s the intellectual part of the game. He’s a quiet guy, for the most part at least, but when we’re out on the field he’s speaking my language. I think that’s the beautiful thing in that game.”

Lockett has 12 catches for 278 yards and three touchdowns this season.

“He just has an unbelievable ability to get in and out of routes,” Wilson said of Lockett. “I think he’s one of the best route runners in the game. The guy’s been scoring touchdowns left and right. It’s on tape. You can’t deny the guy is one of the best receivers in the game. . . . I think he’s mastered knowing how to get open in all circumstances. I think that trust, obviously my trust with him is as strong as it gets, but the coaches have seen how talented he really is. That’s really special to see.”

Seattle should be 2-0, and they would be if they hadn’t uncharacteristically blown a big lead against the Titans. The Vikings, who seem to end up in Seattle nearly every year, get the Seahawks for Minnesota’s first home game with fans since the 2019 season. They’ll need it to be loud and disruptive in order to prevent getting burned by the Wilson-Lockett connection.