Woman’s honeymoon horror as husband films bikini-clad woman on the beach

Woman’s honeymoon horror as husband films bikini-clad woman on the beach

A woman was left horrified after re-watching her honeymoon video – and finding her husband had filmed a bikini-clad woman behind her.

TikTok star @thicctok5280 said she wasn’t the ‘main character’ in the clip, which was filmed by her new husband when they went away to Florida.

In the clip, @thicctok5280 walks through the water below a pier and her husband zooms in, and it soon becomes apparent there is someone else in the background, as the Daily Star reports.

Then, the TikTok star moves out of the way and her husband continues to film the woman behind her – who is standing in the water in a revealing bikini.

In the clip she shared, she says: “I was watching my husband’s video from our Florida trip last week.”

She walks beneath the wooden pier and re-adjusts her swimsuits ready for a picture.

“Let me get closer, so you can see me! I love Florida,” the narration continues as she poses against the poles.

Her husband then tells her “it’s a video” and carries on filming, showing a bikini-clad woman fixing her hair in the water not too far behind her.

As the wife walks out of frame, the husband pans the camera back and zooms in on the woman.

The TikToker then said: “I figured I’d give him a few poses thinking I was the main character the whole time…until I saw who he was really recording.”

Since she posted the clip, viewers have bizarrely urged her to get a divorce while others were trying to figure if it was all a joke.

One said: “He’s literally recording a girl without her permission like obviously he definitely hurt your feelings. But you don’t think that’s even weird?”

A second asked: “Is this supposed to be a joke or something because I would be single after this. I don’t play that.”

Others defended the husband and said he could be filming their teenage child.

In the comments, the TikToker said: “Everybody, this is a joke. He was filming me, and she happened to just be in the background.

“He loves me very much!”